February 27, 2024

All Asset Reconstruction Companies

Dear Sir / Madam

Appointment/re-appointment of Director, Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer in Asset Reconstruction Companies

In terms of Section 3(6) of the Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 and the guidelines contained in Para 5(i) of the Annex to our circular No. DoR.SIG.FIN.REC.75/26.03.001/2022-23 dated October 11, 2022 on ‘Review of Regulatory Framework for Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs)’, ARCs are required to obtain prior approval of the Reserve Bank for appointment/re-appointment of any Director, Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer.

2. In order to have uniformity in the information submitted by ARCs for obtaining such approvals, a form for furnishing the requisite information about the candidate and an indicative list of documents required to be submitted along with the application are enclosed as Annex I and Annex II, respectively. ARCs are advised to submit applications, complete in all respect, along with duly signed Annex I and the documents/information mentioned in Annex II to this Department1 at least ninety days before the vacancy arises / the proposed date of appointment or re-appointment. Reserve Bank may call for additional information/documents for processing the application, if required.

3. These instructions shall come into force with immediate effect.

Yours faithfully

(Scenta Joy)
Chief General Manager

1 At the address / email ID mentioned below.